USA Borescopes COVID-19 Company Statement – January 2022


Over the past two years, the world has experienced wave after wave of the COVID-19 virus. First and foremost, we send my deepest condolences to everyone who has contracted the virus and faced it with family and friends.

This pandemic has not only dealt a devastating blow to society and the global economy, but has also completely changed our way of life and put pressure on industries around the world to adopt major structural reforms.

As we begin 2022, we see the endoscope industry continue to evolve towards the required changes caused by the pandemic. Trade shows if not postponed will have safety measures in place to ensure the health and well-being of guests and exhibitors. USA Borescopes will continue to offer free/no obligation demonstrations of our products as we currently do not conduct out-of-office in-person demonstrations. We can also perform demonstrations on Zoom or other virtual meeting platforms.

Although we have had staff and/or their family members infected with the virus, we are happy to report that they have recovered well and are back to normal operations. In our establishment, we strongly encourage good hygiene practices as well as the recommendation to avoid the 3 Cs:

spaces that are VSlost, VSheckled or involved VSlose contact.

Trading was painful at times, but there was also good news. Our endoscope products, expertise and desire to succeed have surely helped stem the tide of business interruption for our customers. We promised employees that there would be no job loss or wage reduction due to COVID-19 and we kept our word. We also promised that the health and safety of employees would be our top priority.

We maintained an unbroken inventory of our endoscopes and sewer camera systems, delivering products of our inspection equipment to meet customer needs. We provided exceptional customer service, sometimes in incredibly creative ways.

We are incredibly proud of our professional staff. It is their sacrifices and hard work that have yielded outstanding results in the most difficult circumstances many of us have ever faced.

We would also like to thank our valued customers and suppliers for continuing to update us on your response to this evolving situation. We all share the common goal of keeping everyone healthy and safe.

Our values ​​will continue to guide USA Borescopes as we support our team, customers, and communities to overcome challenges together and emerge stronger than ever.


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