The president of NAPCO, Ltd. (North American Polymer Company) Dani Nichols Celebrates 25th Anniversary With The Company



Nichols’ continued leadership at NAPCO over the past 25 years has been an important part of our national and international success as a company.

Dani Nichols, President of North American Polymer Company, Ltd., better known as NAPCO, celebrates her 25th anniversary in the kitchen and bathroom finishing training and manufacturing company. Ms. Nichols joined NAPCO in 1996, first as a Customer Service Representative, then as Vice President for 14 years until she was promoted to President in 2018.

It was NAPCO’s focus on its people and superior customer service that made the company a great cultural choice for Nichols in 1996. Shortly after her first role as Customer Service Representative for NAPCO, Nichols headed the department. NAPCO’s focus on employee and intern growth, coupled with its own focus and attention to teams and internal people, laid the groundwork for the evolution of Nichols’ leadership role.

“Nichols’ continued leadership at NAPCO over the past 25 years has been an important part of our national and international success as a company,” said Steven Coven, former President and CEO of NAPCO. “During her tenure with the company, Dani held several key leadership positions and quickly rose through the ranks within the company. Not only did this earn him a well-deserved reputation in the industry as an insightful leader, it also proved his selflessness and dedication to helping everyone be the best version of themselves. His loyalty and his ability to change gears when necessary are the qualities that have contributed the most to our current success and our continued innovation, ”he added.

NAPCO’s growth over the past 42 years has enabled the company to play a leading role in training and manufacturing innovation. Much of the company’s success is in large part due to Ms. Nichols’ leadership. The company, with international distributors on four continents and interns around the world, manufactures and distributes hundreds of finishing products at its headquarters in suburban Chicago.

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Since 1979, NAPCO, Ltd. (North American Polymer Company) provides products, supplies and training to bathroom and kitchen refinishers. NAPCO is headquartered just outside of Chicago, in Skokie, Illinois, and serves all 50 states and 5 foreign countries. If you want to refurbish your tub, tile, or countertop instead of replacing them, call 1-800-888-1081 or visit today.

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