Meta updates its corporate values


Following its major rebranding, Meta announces a new corporate mission formed by a group of values.

In an internal communication to his company’s employees, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed the company’s updated values ​​in line with its new, more forward-looking direction.

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In the early years of Facebook’s existence, between 2009 and 2014the enterprise value statement was “Go fast and break things.” Subsequently, the mission statement was amended for “Go fast with a stable infrastructure” in the year before 2017, when the company adopted the “Make the world more open and connected” focus for a year.

Then he extended it to “Empower people to build community and bring the world together.”

A few months after its identity change, Meta updated its values ​​again in an effort to reshape its corporate image. However, this time around the company will not operate under a single mission statement.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has introduced a series of values ​​guiding the way the company should work day in and day out. Renewed mission focus integrates elements of older engines into one largest collection which envisions the following principles at its core: moving fast together, building awesome things, focusing on long-term impact, living in the future, being direct and respecting colleagues, and Meta, Metamates, Me.

Although the meaning of this last value is not really obvious, it is obvious that when the accent moves away from “community building” and aligns with a pioneering sentiment for the development of new realities, Meta insists on setting the stage for a shift to the Metaverse.

Interestingly, the company is bringing back the old “Hurry up” motto, but this time he completes it with the word “together” rather than words “break things”.

In Zuckerberg’s view, the importance of going fast should be seen in the context of teamwork. As he stated in a letter to his employees, “Move Fast helps us build and learn faster than anyone. It means acting with urgency and not waiting until next week to do something you could do today. At our scale, it also means continuously working to increase the speed of our highest priority initiatives by methodically removing the obstacles that stand in our way.It’s about moving quickly together – in one direction as a company, not just as individuals.

Commenting on the meaning of focusing on long-term impact as a team, he explains that this value “emphasizes long-term thinking and encourages us to extend the timeline of the impact we have, rather than optimizing for short-term gains. We must tackle the challenges that will have the greatest impact, even if the full results will not be visible for years.

As part of Zuckerberg’s ambitions, Meta must deliver excellence, utility and inspiration in all of its products. In this sense, he specifies that “Build Awesome Things pushes us to deliver things that are not only good, but also awesome. We have already created products that are useful to billions of people, but in our next chapter, we will also focus more on inspiring people. This quality bar should apply to everything we do.

The Live in The Future guiding principle aims to “Building the future of distributed work we want, where opportunities are not limited by geography. It means operating as a distributed-first company and being early adopters of the future products we’re building to help people feel together, no matter where they are.

Finally, Zuckerberg also creates a new term, “Metamates”. The term is apparently intended for internal use and refers to company employees. As Zuckerberg says, “Meta, Metamates, Me is about being good stewards of our company and our mission. It’s about the sense of responsibility we have for our collective success and to each other as teammates. It’s about to take care of our business and others.

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