Mark Zuckerberg calls his employees “Metamates” in new memo on company values


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg called his employees “Metamates” when he unveiled new principles and values ​​for working at Meta Platforms Inc. This week, Zuckerberg tried to encourage his staff by using phrases such as “move fast”, “build awesome things”. and “living in the future”. This comes despite the company currently grappling with the growing challenges of its sudden shift from a social media platform to virtual reality and the “metaverse”.

According to The Guardian, Zuckerberg unveiled a number of new slogans and internal branding changes at a town hall meeting on Tuesday. Additionally, in a post shared on the Facebook page, Meta’s CEO said his company is now “a metaverse company, building the future of social connection” instead of just being a social media company. In addition, the company now treats its employees as “metamates”. The outlet said one of the executives thinks “metamates” is a reference to the naval slogan “ship, shipmate, self.”

Zuckerberg wanted to calibrate Meta policies

Tuesday’s meeting following the company’s recent renaming where Zuckerberg expressed that he wanted to calibrate company policies. It’s pertinent to note that the values ​​and policies of the company, formerly called Facebook, have not been updated since 2007, the outlet said. Even though the media reported that Metaverse is facing issues on the investor side, Zuckerberg called on workers to “focus on long-term impact.” According to The Guardian, the Meta CEO’s remarks may be a nod to investors’ concerns about the sudden fallout from the changes.

“‘Focusing on long-term impact’ emphasizes long-term thinking and encourages us to extend the timeline of the impact we have, rather than maximizing short-term gains,” said writes Zuckerberg in his article. “We must tackle the challenges that will have the most impact, even if the full results will not be visible for years.”

Tuesday’s meeting hosted by Zuckerberg took place against the backdrop of the company’s existing employees dealing with the rapidly drifting social media industry, even as several years have gone into building one of the biggest tech giants. According to the report, Instagram and Facebook engineers have been motivated to apply for jobs in the company’s metaverse and artificial reality departments. Meanwhile, Meta itself has hired thousands of new workers from rival companies, including Apple.

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