Entera Bio Announces the Departure of Dr. Phillip Schwartz, President of Research and Development of the Company, to Pursue Outside Opportunities


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BOSTON and JERUSALEM, June 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Entera Bio Ltd. (NASDAQ: ENTX), a leader in the development of orally-delivered peptide and protein therapeutics, today announced that Dr. Phillip Schwartz, the company’s President of Research & Development and Founder, will step down from his current position. starting July 21, 2022 to pursue other opportunities. Dr. Schwartz has also resigned from the Company’s Board of Directors, effective June 15, 2022. Dr. Schwartz’s resignation was not the result of a disagreement with the Company and Dr. Schwartz will remain as a consultant to of the society.

Bringing expertise from various development and commercialization roles at Merck KGaA-Serono and Endo Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Schwartz co-founded Entera Bio in 2009 and led the company as Chief Executive Officer until 2019 and its 2018 IPO. with two core PTH programs in Phase 2/3 development and core R&D strategic partnerships, including with Amgen,” said Mr. Jerry Lieberman, Chairman of Entera’s Board of Directors. “Under Dr. Schwartz’s leadership, Entera Bio has successfully navigated more than a decade of persistent growth and we remain indebted to his experience and contributions. Over the past few months, Entera has announced new leadership that we believe will realize Dr. Schwartz’s vision for the company at this critical stage in its evolution.

“Growing from a two-person business in a small storage room in our apartment to a NASDAQ company with multiple clinical-stage assets and a number of significant collaborations with biotech and other pharma companies has been the adventure of a lifetime. The Entera team is like family and I will miss them dearly. I am very confident in the new management team and confident that they will be able to move Entera forward into its next stage of development. I want to express my gratitude to the Board of Directors and in particular to the Entera employees and team who have made this progress possible and who have been creative, supportive and just great to work with,” said the Dr. Schwartz.

“After more than 12 years as Founder, CEO and President of R&D, I feel the time has come for me to step down so I can spend more time with my family and pursue other opportunities. I remain very excited about the Company’s prospects and the potential of our compounds to change the paradigm for the treatment of patients with osteoporosis, hypoparathyroidism and other serious diseases. Our lead compound, EB613, is entering pivotal Phase 3 clinical development and has the potential to serve as the first oral anabolic for the treatment of osteoporosis. Currently, about 30% of the 15 million women with osteoporosis are on some form of treatment, and of these, only a fraction are taking some form of bone-building/anabolic agent. Being an oral medication is one of the biggest drivers of acceptance for osteoporosis treatment. As such, an oral bone-building agent like EB613 has the potential to be transformative for a much broader base of osteoporotic patients. Likewise, EB612 is a highly differentiated therapeutic candidate for hypoparathyroidism that promises to greatly improve the treatment of this serious disease. With the development of these drugs, as well as an excellent validated technology platform for the development of other oral formulations of world-class biologic drugs, I am confident that the recent strengthening of Entera’s management team will succeed in to achieve our strategic objectives and to increase shareholding evaluate. I look forward to continuing to advise Entera in the future.

About Entera Bio
Entera is a leader in the development of orally-administered peptide and protein therapeutics for use in areas with high unmet medical needs and limited adoption of injectable therapies due to cost, convenience and compliance for patients. The company’s proprietary oral drug delivery technology is designed to address the technical challenges of low absorption, high variability and the inability to deliver large molecules to the targeted location in the body through the use of a synthetic uptake enhancer to facilitate absorption of large molecules and protease inhibitors to prevent enzymatic degradation and support delivery to targeted tissues. The Company’s most advanced product candidates, EB613 for the treatment of osteoporosis and EB612 for the treatment of hypoparathyroidism, are in clinical development. Entera also licenses its technology to biopharmaceutical companies for use with their proprietary compounds and to date has established a collaboration with Amgen Inc. For more information on Entera Bio, visit www.enterabio.com.

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