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ATLANTE, December 14, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — CharterUP, the leading technology platform for enterprise-level people transportation, today announced that Howard Bornstein officially joined the team as company president. Bornstein was nominated by Armir Harrisfounder and CEO of CharterUP.

Bornstein is a venture capitalist and technology founder by training who spent half a decade at Bain Capital Ventures and Bain Capital Private Equity after beginning his career at McKinsey & Company and then the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He earned his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. His previous investment experience includes working with SoFi, HomeLight and FlyWire.

Most recently, Bornstein was the director of Innospark Ventures, a fund that invests in entrepreneurs who are leveraging AI in their businesses.

What Howard brings to CharterUP

“[CharterUP] is really onto something,” Bornstein said of the current state of the business. “There is a huge opportunity to help companies better manage transportation for their employees. The integrated software for operators, drivers and customers is a very robust platform.”

With a wealth of experience supporting entrepreneurs during times of rapid growth, Bornstein has worked with Harris on business strategy since their first meeting in 2019. In 2021, the time was finally right to onboard Bornstein as a as a full-time team member.

When asked what convinced him to appoint Bornstein to the position, Harris noted Bornstein’s calm demeanor and people-oriented approach to leadership: “I am truly impressed with Howard’s ability to encouraging the strengths of different personality types and inspiring teams to achieve their goals in such a positive and personal way. Howard has an incredible combination of soft skills and strategic ability.”

Bornstein sees huge growth potential in CharterUP

As President of the company and the first person to hold this position at CharterUP, Bornstein looks forward to the growth and development of the company in new and exciting ways. “I love building things and I love helping people — that’s really what drives me,” Bornstein said when asked about his favorite part of joining a new company. And as Deloitte’s 8th fastest growing company in North America for 2020, CharterUP is no stranger to growth. “The natural state of a fast-growing business is that there are always lots of things you can do better…Those situations where there is a huge opportunity to do things better over time really excite me. .”

But what helped Bornstein identify the “spark” that sets CharterUP apart?

Bornstein rates companies with a personal rubric he calls “the rule of thirty.” “If there’s an industry or process that hasn’t really improved in thirty years, chances are the technology will bring strong growth to that market.” Until the launch of CharterUP, the charter bus industry remained largely outside the “tech” sphere, unlike consumer-focused transportation companies like Uber or Lyft. When you look at the market, there is no other fully integrated platform that can handle the complex needs of nationwide corporate personnel transportation. CharterUp is the only way to reliably execute the most complex needs.

Second, Bornstein notes the strength of CharterUP’s current team, which now numbers over 70 employees. “I look for teams that work well together and have the industry expertise to succeed. And CharterUP ticks the box in a very important way.”

Bornstein went on to say that these factors have enabled CharterUP to continue to grow rapidly in the months and years to come: “There will always be more to do, but right now it’s really working. The plan is simple, we want to capitalize on that, grow as fast as we can and take things to the next level.”

When he’s not working, Bornstein often tinkers with audio equipment, explores local cafes and practices Brazilian. Jiu-Jitsu.

About CharterUP

CharterUP is the leading technology company for enterprise-level group transportation – a charter bus reservation service that connects passengers with coach providers nationwide through an intuitive online platform. To learn more about how you can book your own van, minibus or charter bus rental, visit Visit our Careers page for more information on the 30+ roles we are adding to our growing team.

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