What I learned about cactuses

Image result for columnar cactusIn these days what makes me feel better is the immersion in nature, in the green and in the flowers {of all kinds}. It will be that spring is so beautiful, delicate and exuberant together. Everything has blossomed and this reminds me how much I love bringing nature into the home.

A few days ago I have two new plants, a white jasmine in full bloom and a succulent rich of “foliage” that looks like a tropical tree. I would like to take a trendy cactus … fashionable? That’s right, to add to the others I already have.

Cactus and succulents (or succulents, as you might prefer) are not easy, easy seedlings of which I initially thought. No, sorry, I do not mean to say that they require particularly laborious and difficult treatments, but precise attentions . I’m experimenting with it day after day in my small way and it’s a therapeutic discovery for me: taking care of plants makes me feel good.

cactus and succulents

cactus drawing

What I learned about cactuses is that:

  • they love the light , so you have to keep them in bright, sunny rooms
  • cacti prefer the soil porous type and draining mixed with sand
  • during growth the cacti need a fertilized soil {nitrogen and potassium}
  • the cacti drink as little as is well known, but beware: just water it a couple of times a month but in abundance; in winter the cacti go into “hibernation” so you have to reduce the supply of water (unfortunately my mistake with cacti and succulents was just to have watered them excessively, making the roots rot)
  • they love the outdoors : in summer you can display the cactuses on the windowsills or on the terrace; I’m sorry a bit ‘because I love having them in front of my eyes … but I know that for their health and beauty should be exposed to the open air.

… and a trendy cactus? Yes, because even plants follow our fashions. Have you ever noticed that the flowers of our grandmothers are no longer in the gardens? or that plants were used in our homes that were used in the 70s?

The most trendy cactus of the moment … drum roll … is the columnar cactus . It has a truly remarkable visual impact, what do you think? I like it so much!

And here we are at the final image below {incidentally, you can find the red dresser from Ikea }.
I hope that in these days of celebration you can go out in the air, enjoy a nice time and a lot of nature, maybe letting you escape the purchase of a columnar cactus

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