Valentine's Day: a post for men only …

… to make happy their mates and their wives on Valentine’s Day. I am aware that many people consider Valentine’s Day only a market event, it may be so but basically it depends on us to make it different. For example, I love the anniversaries that mark time, interrupt the routine and basically offer me one more chance to party. To hug us three times instead of two, to tell us that without you life would not be so beautiful.

This Valentine’s Day will be in Bolzano with our son Nicolò, who will accompany us in his hockey tournament. We will celebrate this way. If I stayed home my husband would give me some flowers , I’ll wait for them every year as he expects Christmas. They rejoice and make me happy, he knows.

Valentine's day

I believe that giving a flower is a special way to show that you love a person. So, dear friend, give a flower to your woman. As a seal of your love for her, that love that you are capable of every day but that on Valentine’s day becomes only a little more ceremonious. That we women like to be celebrated and pampered.

Porgile the floral composition with conviction, not as a fallback to a thousand other gifts that you have not had time to do. A flower, even one, even the simplest, caresses the soul, opens your heart and brings so much beauty. A flower is never strictly commercial, a flower is not wasted money even if its beauty is ephemeral .

If you want to be original and very romantic … nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a beautiful sachet of seeds. To be germinated with a lot of patience, care and dedication, in spring. Exactly like love.

Valentine's day

… and then following my selection that I hope will help you make Valentine’s Day special: each of the sites mentioned has its own shop. It is not the case to buy flowers online making them arrive from America, but you can print one of the images and run from your florist …

Happy Saint Valentine,

Inspirations: 10 girls for you

1. For women full of determination: focus on the monocolour as long as it is an exaggerated bunch. It will take effect.

Valentine's day

Valentine's day
Floret Flowers

2. Is your girl in love a sports girl? the gerberas will do their best. If you add the black and white striped ribbon it will be really original.

Stow Greenhouses

3. And then there are sophisticated decks for elegant women who deeply love flowers and appreciate the beauty of unusual combinations.



Debra Prinzing

4. For romantic girls, deep and a little lonely who are inebriated with the scent of flowers, daydreaming: a few roses, many wild flowers along with anemones, tulips and large leaves of a lush green.



Little Flower School

5. If your partner loves do-it-yourself you could try your hand at creating a simple wreath, it would be an authentic gesture of love.


Valentine's day
At Quiet Style

6. For a refined and sophisticated woman: calla lilies and rings of grass to say ‘I love you’.


Studio Quaranta

7. For a simple girl, but not at all banal, who loves nature and outdoor life.

 Triple Wren Farms

8. For country chic girls , who love the allure of Provence, the elegant countryside and the flea markets, surprise them with a thick, apparently disordered (but well-designed) bouquet.


9. For women who love white and contrasts , the elegance of non-color and rustic paper.

Valentine's day
The Pollen Mill

10. For the contemporary , solar woman who expresses her personality and loves fashion without being a slave.




Ariella New York

Finally a gift to savor together: a healthy and intelligent reading of Valentine’s Day of my friends Eva and Ady of Ubique Chic.

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