simple actions to know to get the maximum yield from your bouquet of flowers

Image result for summer flowersDuring these two weeks after the holiday in Puglia I’m trying, to the best of my ability, to live “slow” . Living slowly does not necessarily mean stopping one’s movements and going on at a snail’s pace, instead it means stealing time from the deleterious modern practice of “I want everything immediately” . I enjoy reading design magazines, summer flowers, sunny days and genuine food from my husband’s vegetable garden. I try to relax with my baby.

The concept of slow I always experience it when I’m traveling with my family. The problem is represented by the return home, when the wheel of commitments begins to turn, so fast as to make me feel incapable and, at the end of the daily run, exhausted. Perhaps, however, I have been wrong so far, thinking of having to adapt to this rhythm.

How I was imposed, as if I was not responsible. In reality it also depends on me.

I can slow down if I want it. By simply learning to give me some time and amplifying the concept of “slow” from food (by choosing local products as much as possible) to the environment (despite the high costs I’m trying to use organic detergents) coming to myself. I discovered living the slow dimension through the flowers. In the summer it is easy to find in our gardens (for me, those of my mother and my mother-in-law) and I am taking advantage of it abundantly: I can get a fresh bunch about three times a week.

Among the summer flowers there are my favorites, towards the end of June peonies, hydrangeas and English roses at this moment. I take the time to spend in the garden of my mother {the scissors are always resting on the small table in front of the house} I cut the most beautiful and take them to the kitchen. I love this moment, so essential to connect my home with nature. It also makes me live the summer and all of this, thinking about it, is really “slow”. I feel “in season” and I appreciate every flower as a moment in time , aware that in the long winter I will not be available to try to hear them, smell them, memorize their beauty in the eyes.

If you love cut flowers, there are simple actions to know to get the maximum yield from your bouquet of flowers . I put them in practice, now I’m a habit that is good for my flowers and myself.

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Summer flowers: 5 useful tricks to keep the deck cool

  • Remove the paper, the rubber bands and the laces, the leaves under the waterline and any dried or dried buds
  • Cut the bias stems at an angle of 45 ° so that they can better absorb the water. Experts suggest that it would be better to cut them under running water to absorb water rather than air.
  • It eliminates all the foliage that remains under water, since the bacteria and fungi on the surface, once immersed, could proliferate.
  • Keep the styles healthy by adding a few drops of bleach in the water of the vase
  • Remove the foliage quickly with this method: wear garden gloves and take a slightly damp cloth; now run the cloth along the stem in speed, starting from top to bottom.

Extra advice for hydrangeas: immerse them in hot water {their stalk is hard and the absorption of liquid more difficult, warm water facilitates it} while the flower loves fresh air. With these easy tips your bouquet will have longer life in the vase and you can even put it at the table .

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