Valentine's Day: a post for men only …

… to make happy their mates and their wives on Valentine’s Day. I am aware that many people consider Valentine’s Day only a market event, it may be so but basically it depends on us to make it different. For example, I love the anniversaries that mark time, interrupt the routine and basically offer me one more chance to party. To hug us three times instead of two, to tell us that without you life would not be so beautiful.

This Valentine’s Day will be in Bolzano with our son Nicolò, who will accompany us in his hockey tournament. We will celebrate this way. If I stayed home my husband would give me some flowers , I’ll wait for them every year as he expects Christmas. They rejoice and make me happy, he knows.

Valentine's day

I believe that giving a flower is a special way to show that you love a person. So, dear friend, give a flower to your woman. As a seal of your love for her, that love that you are capable of every day but that on Valentine’s day becomes only a little more ceremonious. That we women like to be celebrated and pampered.

Porgile the floral composition with conviction, not as a fallback to a thousand other gifts that you have not had time to do. A flower, even one, even the simplest, caresses the soul, opens your heart and brings so much beauty. A flower is never strictly commercial, a flower is not wasted money even if its beauty is ephemeral .

If you want to be original and very romantic … nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a beautiful sachet of seeds. To be germinated with a lot of patience, care and dedication, in spring. Exactly like love.

Valentine's day

… and then following my selection that I hope will help you make Valentine’s Day special: each of the sites mentioned has its own shop. It is not the case to buy flowers online making them arrive from America, but you can print one of the images and run from your florist …

Happy Saint Valentine,

Inspirations: 10 girls for you

1. For women full of determination: focus on the monocolour as long as it is an exaggerated bunch. It will take effect.

Valentine's day

Valentine's day
Floret Flowers

2. Is your girl in love a sports girl? the gerberas will do their best. If you add the black and white striped ribbon it will be really original.

Stow Greenhouses

3. And then there are sophisticated decks for elegant women who deeply love flowers and appreciate the beauty of unusual combinations.



Debra Prinzing

4. For romantic girls, deep and a little lonely who are inebriated with the scent of flowers, daydreaming: a few roses, many wild flowers along with anemones, tulips and large leaves of a lush green.



Little Flower School

5. If your partner loves do-it-yourself you could try your hand at creating a simple wreath, it would be an authentic gesture of love.


Valentine's day
At Quiet Style

6. For a refined and sophisticated woman: calla lilies and rings of grass to say ‘I love you’.


Studio Quaranta

7. For a simple girl, but not at all banal, who loves nature and outdoor life.

 Triple Wren Farms

8. For country chic girls , who love the allure of Provence, the elegant countryside and the flea markets, surprise them with a thick, apparently disordered (but well-designed) bouquet.


9. For women who love white and contrasts , the elegance of non-color and rustic paper.

Valentine's day
The Pollen Mill

10. For the contemporary , solar woman who expresses her personality and loves fashion without being a slave.




Ariella New York

Finally a gift to savor together: a healthy and intelligent reading of Valentine’s Day of my friends Eva and Ady of Ubique Chic.

Christmas centerpiece, how to choose the right one

centrotavola di natale nonsolorose


Christmas centerpiece. how to choose it?

We recommend it made to measure with natural scented and seasonal materials, small decorative elements and lots of fresh flowers! Not just roses! … who better than us can say? Sprigs of fir, pine cones, cinnamon, star anise belong to this period and scent of Christmas !

Romantic ellebori, majestic amaryllis, lovely tulips, offer their shapes and colors to make our tables even more joyful on holidays.

If you follow our blog you will already know that the choice of the Christmas decorations for the house plays a fundamental role in the chromatic and stylistic agreement between the furnishing of the rooms and the furnishings. Even the table mise en place must follow the same criteria and be combined with other decorations: tablecloth and napkins, plates, cutlery, glasses and centerpieces must all be consistent in style and color.

To get the maximum effect and bring home a magical atmosphere, book now your centerpiece and the Christmas decorations from nonsolorose! We will make customized floral arrangements for you to make these holidays unforgettable.


Three ideas for an impeccable Christmas centerpiece

How to choose the most suitable Christmas centerpiece? If studied carefully and carefully, it will enhance the table making it even more festive and welcoming.

Following the style and the color range of the furnishings and other decorations is fundamental, as is the choice of the mise en place that you will use for the occasion.

Here are three tips to help you choose the right one:

1. Are you a lover of true Christmas tradition and have opted for red Christmas decorations and equipment? A centerpiece with red amaryllis, green conifer and snow-covered pignette can not miss in your home. Perfect for a classic and festive Christmas table! And to make the Advent even brighter, ask us to make it happen by inserting some candles!

2. Did you decorate the house by choosing gold and white and a table of great elegance is the goal for your Christmas lunch? In this case choose the presence of white roses or tulips and small golden decorative elements and you will get the right mix for a very impressive Christmas centerpiece.   If you want a colorful accent, you can insert a dark red / burgundy tip between the flowers and complete the set-up, reproducing the same color with a small detail of the mise en place like the napkins (strictly of fabric) or the placeholders of a beautiful burgundy.

3. Is the centerpiece you are looking for is original and modern ? We have a suggestion for you too: the latest trend of 2017 is to play with transparencies , light colors and lots of lights and silver and glitter elements. For a Christmas table that shines with light!

Whatever your desire for a personalized floral centerpiece we can make it become reality: contact us now to create together the most suitable centerpiece to enhance your Christmas!

Green care: 3 tips to create your pleasant and relaxing oasis in your home or office

cura del verde come creare oasi casa ufficio

September is almost over and the holidays are now a memory, the contact with nature is missing. How to regain a little harmony and well-being even in domestic or work environments?

Here are 3 suggestions to renovate the green of the house and set up an oasis with flowers and plants for indoors or outdoors.

The team of nonsolorose, thanks to the skills of architecture, botany, interior and floral design is at your disposal to support you in the design and selection of the green solution that best suits your needs.

Would you like to renew the green of the house, but do not know where to start? Contact us now and entrust us with your terrace or the floral choices of the interior : we will find the best solutions to make your home even more welcoming and elegant!


How to create and take care of the green at home after the summer, 3 tips for non-painful

What to watch out for to create the right harmony with interior and exterior furniture and colors? How to find the best ideas for the green corners of the house ?

We give you three practical ideas:

1. Always respect the stylistic and chromatic coherence and do not lose sight of the overall harmony of the rooms (even on the terrace!) – Also in the choice of flowers and plants for domestic environments it is necessary to take into account the style, proportions and chromatic shades that characterize our spaces, to find the best balance between the different elements.

2. Details always make the difference – The attention to detail, such as the choice of the vase and the type of plant or the most suitable flowers is essential to make the style of your living space unique and refined. Attention then to choose furnishing accessories that enhance the individual environments while offering a touch of novelty.
From nonsolorose you can find a careful selection of vases and cachepots of Italian and foreign design to create your green oasis in your own home .

3. Plants are not all the same! – Besides differentiating in shape, color, texture and texture, they have different needs of light, temperature, humidity, water and soil. How to manage them? Do not worry, ask us for advice, we will show you the variety of indoor or outdoor plants best suited for the lighting conditions of the rooms and the care you can give them. Here you will also find original cultivation methods such as kokedama, vertical plant wall modules, pots with watering facilitation and much more.

To identify the most suitable solutions for your green corner, entrust to experts in the field, floral designers like us. Come and visit us, we will recommend the most suitable elements to create a corner of greenery for home or office tailored to your needs!

Christmas decorations: 4 ideas for your home

natale come arredare casa nonsolorose

Christmas is almost upon us: it’s time to decorate and decorate the house , to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in full Christmas spirit! How to choose the best Christmas decorations for the home? We reveal some little secret to bring the Christmas atmosphere in your home, in perfect harmony with the style of decor of the rooms.

Christmas has already arrived from nonsolorose ! We have many ideas to customize your Christmas decorations: contact us now or come and visit us to let you be inspired by our window!


Christmas decorations: four compositions that can not miss at home

The first essential step is to choose the colors and style with which we will decorate our home for Christmas. It is not a trivial choice: the stylistic and chromatic coherence is the essential aspect in the choice of floral decorations for the Holidays. The furnishing style of the rooms must not be overwhelmed by the new decorations, but with them it must find an agreement.

When choosing Christmas compositions, it is important to first follow a style of Christmas decorations that does not contradict the furniture already present in the home.

Alternatively, for those who want to dare or focus on change, you can play on the color and stylistic contrast between furniture and Christmas decorations, while maintaining a harmonious base note that makes the whole pleasant and welcoming.

Here are the decorations that can not miss at home in view of Christmas, and some small trick to enhance the environments:

1. How to choose the most suitable Christmas tree for the living area? The secret lies in the stylistic and chromatic references of the tree. If the environment is characterized by a classic style and antique and dark furniture , we can for example opt for a green tree with classic decorations decorated with myriad of microled warm light, bright red and gold spheres and ribbons in the same colors. In the case of a modern furnishing style with light colors, a good choice can be that of a tree   snow-covered , with decorations in naturalistic style (light wood, transparencies and lights).

2. Have you already thought about the crown for the front door ? It too is one of those decorative elements that can not be left to chance. Beyond the tree it is indeed important to provide for other floral decorations   in the same material and style: the chaplet to be hung outside the door of the house, the festoon with which to decorate the mantel, and other floral decorations set up   theme to create recalls and provide a synergistic impact to the decorations. The wreath or crown for the door is just the presentation ticket for Christmas decorations at home. From nonsolorose we have of all the types and sizes and we create tailor made with colors and materials customized according to your needs.

Image result for christmas flower decorations

3. Christmas festoons are the other great protagonists of a perfect Christmas atmosphere. The ideal is to order them individually, so that they can marry perfectly with the home decor. The most refined festoons? Without a doubt they are those made with natural materials , to bring home the traditional Christmas scents that have been lost today.

4. Finally, the Advent wreath (with the four candles corresponding to the 4 Advent Sundays) is finally   the symbol of an ancient tradition that brings home the colors and scents of Christmas, helping to create an enveloping and intense Christmas atmosphere. It too should recall (and not contrast) the surrounding decorating style and the rest of the Christmas set design, respecting the underlying stylistic and chromatic line.

Are you ready to furnish your home in perfect Christmas style? To the floral decorations in harmony with your style of furniture thinks you are nonsolorose : come and visit us, we will discover together the best solutions to bring Christmas in your home!


Summer wedding: the importance of creating exclusive and original floral arrangements

Image result for summer flowers


Summer is one of the most beautiful seasons for organizing important events such as a wedding in which every aspect takes on a light, a fragrance and a bright, unique and original color.

Every detail of the event has its relevance, but among those that will contribute more to remain etched in the mind and heart of those who live and participate in the event (and also in the photographs!) There is the careful choice of floral arrangements . These wonderful elements not only create a harmony and a scenography at the wedding venue, and remain indelible in all the photographic images and videos of the event,   they are a reflection of the personality and style of the couple .

In the context of the ceremony and the wedding reception, the bride’s bouquet also plays an important role, the accessory that must be chosen with extreme care because it must fully express the character, elegance and femininity of the protagonist of that special day.

How to choose the flowers to use for your preparation or for your bouquet? Starting from your tastes, based on the shapes and colors and the character of the different types available in the chosen season. Dare and choose a variety of unusual and seasonal, based on the advice of those who, like us, has studied botany and symbology and can advise you the best!

Making floral arrangements according to the techniques and professionalism of floral design is an art that, in all its complexity of shapes, colors, enhancement of the environments, expresses specific emotions and a unique harmony that will design the scenery of an unforgettable moment.

In fact, our mission is precisely to give voice to the desires and feelings that the spouses want to transmit through our floral compositions , creating particular but above all exclusive creations.

For your most important day would you like personalized floral decorations that express your style and your personality? Contact us now for a quote, we will design with passion the scenery and floral accessories best suited to your wishes!


Original Christmas gifts: 3 exclusive ideas of floral design

Like every year, together with the warm atmosphere of Christmas and the desire to live beautiful moments among the dearest loved ones, the search for an idea for an original gift is punctually presented.

For these Holidays do you already know what to give to the people you love most? If you want a floral creation with which you can elegantly express love and harmony and transmit exclusive sensations that recall Christmas, come and visit us in our floral art workshop or you can call us at 06.64811309 or write to us !
We will offer you original Christmas gifts created exclusively by us or selected in Italy and abroad, inspired by the harmony of the floral world and festive atmospheres.

In our Floral Design Laboratory you will be able to discover many particular creations realized as real emotional experiences: customizable according to your wishes and enriched with harmonious chromatic agreements and delicate perfumes, such as that of conifer twigs, cinnamon or anise stars, which they take us back in time to the most beautiful memories.

Christmas floral compositions and design objects, 3 original ideas

A little thought as an accessory for the Christmas tree , is the winning idea for a gift to do for friends or colleagues. These days we are at your disposal to help you choose among the many proposals you will find in the store or to design and create in a personalized way small creations in perfect harmony with the magical atmosphere of the Holidays!
Little angels of tin or cloth, small compositions of conifer and berries, candle holders decorated with fir and cinnamon all signed nonsolorose .

Many times the most complicated Christmas present to find is the one that has to reflect the perfect mix of beauty, elegance, refinement and uniqueness … a centerpiece for the Christmas dinner made by us embodies all these qualities. We are talking about our compositions with a personalized base rich in the heat of craftsmanship, created with our hands and with materials such as wax, wool, moss, conifer twigs, bark etc. and decorated with flowers of the most varied shapes and colors always respecting the harmony and color balance to convey well-being and joy.

Garden roses, lisianthus, fringed tulips, parrot tulips, variegated buttercups, amaryllis, lilium gloriosa, protee, ellebori etc. all fresh and available depending on the daily availability of the market. Every detail of our creations and our centerpieces is treated with passion and precision to amaze the people you love most.

Do you have to send a nice gift to a person to communicate in a formal and refined your gratitude during the holidays ?   Sometimes it’s hard to choose, but we’ve thought big. At our Laboratory of Floral Art you can identify the most suitable flower arrangement and we will take care of the delivery! We will guide you through different types of vases (we have a wide selection, versatile and suitable for any environment) and floral arrangements and plants, with or without candles (a symbol of heat and light). Of great effect those with bulbs and candles or with orchids, (decorated with Christmas elements such as stars or stylized trees!) To wish Happy Holidays with class.