Green care: 3 tips to create your pleasant and relaxing oasis in your home or office

cura del verde come creare oasi casa ufficio

September is almost over and the holidays are now a memory, the contact with nature is missing. How to regain a little harmony and well-being even in domestic or work environments?

Here are 3 suggestions to renovate the green of the house and set up an oasis with flowers and plants for indoors or outdoors.

The team of nonsolorose, thanks to the skills of architecture, botany, interior and floral design is at your disposal to support you in the design and selection of the green solution that best suits your needs.

Would you like to renew the green of the house, but do not know where to start? Contact us now and entrust us with your terrace or the floral choices of the interior : we will find the best solutions to make your home even more welcoming and elegant!


How to create and take care of the green at home after the summer, 3 tips for non-painful

What to watch out for to create the right harmony with interior and exterior furniture and colors? How to find the best ideas for the green corners of the house ?

We give you three practical ideas:

1. Always respect the stylistic and chromatic coherence and do not lose sight of the overall harmony of the rooms (even on the terrace!) – Also in the choice of flowers and plants for domestic environments it is necessary to take into account the style, proportions and chromatic shades that characterize our spaces, to find the best balance between the different elements.

2. Details always make the difference – The attention to detail, such as the choice of the vase and the type of plant or the most suitable flowers is essential to make the style of your living space unique and refined. Attention then to choose furnishing accessories that enhance the individual environments while offering a touch of novelty.
From nonsolorose you can find a careful selection of vases and cachepots of Italian and foreign design to create your green oasis in your own home .

3. Plants are not all the same! – Besides differentiating in shape, color, texture and texture, they have different needs of light, temperature, humidity, water and soil. How to manage them? Do not worry, ask us for advice, we will show you the variety of indoor or outdoor plants best suited for the lighting conditions of the rooms and the care you can give them. Here you will also find original cultivation methods such as kokedama, vertical plant wall modules, pots with watering facilitation and much more.

To identify the most suitable solutions for your green corner, entrust to experts in the field, floral designers like us. Come and visit us, we will recommend the most suitable elements to create a corner of greenery for home or office tailored to your needs!

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