Floral arrangements in winter: 3 ideas for decorating the house

Even in winter I could not give up floral arrangements. I need to surround myself with color, so that the mood is positive, and that silent and patient life that is proper to plants and flowers. The simple gestures relax me, without too many pretensions and yet so potentially amazing, that the floral world requires. The floral compositions in winter are even easier because made of at least what I have in mind of eucalyptus branches, which has wonderful leaves of a tender green, of red berries and branches to be put into a beautiful vase.

Floral arrangements are the way I have to warm up the winter. Together with scented candles, cinnamon chocolate and Christmas decorations. All this consoles me, I suffer because of the lack of light and the bitter cold of the Dolomites that makes every drop of water freeze. Yet I know that winter has its own beauty and I want to enjoy it. Then eucalyptus, red berries and branches to be inserted into the pots. Edings and editions to be placed on the balcony.

Floral arrangements in winter: 3 ideas for decorating the house

1. The green chaplet to hang

Mom always has one on the door of the house that changes and produces according to the season, I {I’m not so methodical, I’ve only got this year} I have a frugal on the corner cabinet, near the entrance of the kitchen. I like them rich, with flowers, leaves, colors, fruit, but I also love the essential floral compositions , only and always green that create that atmosphere a little decadent and mysterious of winter.

floral arrangements in winter

If you want to add a touch of color for your wreath, you can use berries or dried fruit, such as oranges and tangerines, to decorate with the autumn colors decreed by Pantone.

pot plants for outdoor winter

floral arrangements for the winter

autumn flowers names

2. Berries and leaves in the ceramic and glass jar

What I love most about flowers is their extreme adaptability. They look good on each one of us, transforming ourselves according to our desires and their beauty does not need superstructures. So the eucalyptus leaves {that do not need anything else next to be beautiful} that we often see in rustic settings are at ease even in a more refined atmosphere.

In the same way the berries : do not be afraid to insert them in elegant rooms, accompanying them to the roses and the right vase will show off a delicacy that you do not expect. Simplicity is beautiful.

Last spring I had written a similar post, but dedicated to spring flowers .

flower arrangements

floral arrangements in transparent vases


3. The ball with the twig inside

I hope to surprise you as I am surprised by looking at this little ball that I really did not expect among the floral decorations in winter. It’s for sale in the Emily Thompson Flowers shop: there are no indications on how to make it but I think with a little ingenuity we could do it … finding balls with a fairly wide mouth and a flexible branch to apply some berries I think be a fun “do it yourself”.

If you can, I recommend write to me {benedetta@artigianamente.it} so we share the instructions.

flower arrangements

Style tips:

it uses only real leaves and leaves, perhaps dried
abolish the fake flowers , of fake at most take the berries
do not exaggerate in quantity better not to turn home into a florist
focus on simplicity, you can not go wrong


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