Christmas decorations: 4 ideas for your home

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Christmas is almost upon us: it’s time to decorate and decorate the house , to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in full Christmas spirit! How to choose the best Christmas decorations for the home? We reveal some little secret to bring the Christmas atmosphere in your home, in perfect harmony with the style of decor of the rooms.

Christmas has already arrived from nonsolorose ! We have many ideas to customize your Christmas decorations: contact us now or come and visit us to let you be inspired by our window!


Christmas decorations: four compositions that can not miss at home

The first essential step is to choose the colors and style with which we will decorate our home for Christmas. It is not a trivial choice: the stylistic and chromatic coherence is the essential aspect in the choice of floral decorations for the Holidays. The furnishing style of the rooms must not be overwhelmed by the new decorations, but with them it must find an agreement.

When choosing Christmas compositions, it is important to first follow a style of Christmas decorations that does not contradict the furniture already present in the home.

Alternatively, for those who want to dare or focus on change, you can play on the color and stylistic contrast between furniture and Christmas decorations, while maintaining a harmonious base note that makes the whole pleasant and welcoming.

Here are the decorations that can not miss at home in view of Christmas, and some small trick to enhance the environments:

1. How to choose the most suitable Christmas tree for the living area? The secret lies in the stylistic and chromatic references of the tree. If the environment is characterized by a classic style and antique and dark furniture , we can for example opt for a green tree with classic decorations decorated with myriad of microled warm light, bright red and gold spheres and ribbons in the same colors. In the case of a modern furnishing style with light colors, a good choice can be that of a tree   snow-covered , with decorations in naturalistic style (light wood, transparencies and lights).

2. Have you already thought about the crown for the front door ? It too is one of those decorative elements that can not be left to chance. Beyond the tree it is indeed important to provide for other floral decorations   in the same material and style: the chaplet to be hung outside the door of the house, the festoon with which to decorate the mantel, and other floral decorations set up   theme to create recalls and provide a synergistic impact to the decorations. The wreath or crown for the door is just the presentation ticket for Christmas decorations at home. From nonsolorose we have of all the types and sizes and we create tailor made with colors and materials customized according to your needs.

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3. Christmas festoons are the other great protagonists of a perfect Christmas atmosphere. The ideal is to order them individually, so that they can marry perfectly with the home decor. The most refined festoons? Without a doubt they are those made with natural materials , to bring home the traditional Christmas scents that have been lost today.

4. Finally, the Advent wreath (with the four candles corresponding to the 4 Advent Sundays) is finally   the symbol of an ancient tradition that brings home the colors and scents of Christmas, helping to create an enveloping and intense Christmas atmosphere. It too should recall (and not contrast) the surrounding decorating style and the rest of the Christmas set design, respecting the underlying stylistic and chromatic line.

Are you ready to furnish your home in perfect Christmas style? To the floral decorations in harmony with your style of furniture thinks you are nonsolorose : come and visit us, we will discover together the best solutions to bring Christmas in your home!


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