Buying cut flowers to be put on the table

Image result for cut flowersI have introduced a beautiful ritual in my life, on Thursday or Friday buying cut flowers to be put on the table. A simple gesture that makes me happy {forcing me to dress and not stay in my pajamas all morning} and makes my home more beautiful. Last week I went to the florist with little money in the wallet, I saw the peonies and I decided to take two. Peony is not just one of my favorite flowers but, for me, it’s also a symbol of spring.

It will be that here in the mountains the beautiful season is struggling to take off and when the peony blooms it means that the sun is high enough in the sky to heat up the Dolomites very well. This is why I did not hesitate to take peonies, because they make spring in my heart.

And as I like it I created my little bouquet by bringing it to the table {last Friday}. Even in the simplicity of everyday objects I leave nothing to chance, especially in the combination of colors. The disharmony disturbs me, makes me uncomfortable like going out with a dress that seems to me I’m not well or that I do not want to wear. It happens to you?

I chose the white cotton tablecloth {a classic to always have} as background, then added the glasses, in the cool colors but the same shade of pink, and the cementine made and painted by hand. It would be to hang on the wall but I prefer to make more uses. In this case I put the bread on top, sometimes it happens to use it as a centerpiece.

Fatality on At {Mine} the challenge between spring bloggers was launched. So I decided it would be nice to participate with a post that represents my real life. Nothing has been prepared specifically for the competition {if you want you can see the various interpretations on Instagram through the hashtag #styleatmine}.

A peony I make a summer.


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